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February 16, 2006


Hi there!
My name is Karolina.I heard a lots of goooood stuff about this lady and i would like to make an apoitment with her but it's difficult with out adrees.Can You please send it to me on my e-mail:kalosz211@wp.pl

her address is 2802 S wentworth ve chicago il 60616


She is great! Good luck

Dr. Lisa Lau got rid of my fibroid tumors. My OBGYN was so impressed that the melon sized tumors had shrunk down to the size of a quarter he told me what ever you are doing keep it up! I went back after finding out my choleresterol was too high and she took car of that as well lowering my numbers for the bad so well my physician wanted to know how I did it. I come from Michigan about twice a year to see the doctor and have my herbal prescriptions filled via a simple phone call.
Keep up the great work Dr Lisa Lau!
Susan Pope

A few year back I was under an extreme amount of stress. I could barely move for some reason and I just cried all the time out of frustration. On a Sunday.. crying the whole way there, I went to Dr. Lisa Lau, she took my pulse, looked at my tongue and told me first thing we needed to get my circulation moving... that I had VERY poor circulation. I paid $50 for the visit which included a week's worth of teas and have never had to go back since. I love this woman. $50--- take that greedy American doctors who don't even know how to fix us! I have heard stories of her helping with infertility as well.

She was mentioned with similar glowing recommendations from a friend whose 20 year old problem was resolved in one week. My wife and I came to try. Primary reason was weight loss for both of us. She diagnosed me with a "nervous heart" and told my wife to stop using tampons as a way to loose weight. Told us both to stop drinking (anything - limit water intake). Gave us week's woth of her "teas" each. After a month of following very laborous brewing procedures, 3 visits, 2 adjustments and ~$350 in fees we decided to abandon her services. My wife lost vey little weight but had unacceptable side effects. I gained little. She did manage to improve my sleep though, which became very bad again the day I stopped drinking her brews.

I have heard wonderful reports regarding Dr.Lau, I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and am seeking her help as an Herbalist Doctor.I look forward to my visit with her.

Dr. Lau was recommended to me by Shirley Mui who is one of my daughter-in-laws friend.

Does anyone have an address and/or phone number for Dr. Lau. There just was a very interesting article in ODE magazing about pulse reading and the positive effects of this ancient healing method. Please, please if anyone has the phone number, I would truly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

Dr. Lisa Lau
ph# 312-808-1186
2802 S Wentworth Ave
Chicago IL

2 years ago I went to see Dr Lau for acupuncture for a shoulder I had surgery on a year prior. The pain was radiating up to my head. 10 minutes after Dr Lau did acupuncture the pain was down to a small spot. Dr Lau then checked my pulse and my tongue and told me I have asthma and she can cure it. At 47 years old I had my first asthma attack. At the time I saw Dr Lau I was 54 and using 6 different medications for asthma and the side affects from the asthma medication. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and using a CPAP machine as well. I have been drinking Dr Lau's teas for the past 2 1/2 years and I am off of all 6 medications as well as the CPAP machine. I have started running again and have gone from 240 lbs to 210 lbs. The great thing is these visits cost less than the copay. I have recommended numerous people to Dr Lau with the majority of them have similar results.

I had abnormal pap smears for 5years - HPV. On my cervix were a small cluster of warts that would not go away. The doctor was going to "freeze" them off. I went to Dr Lisa's prior to that and she told me that after drinking her tea for 2 months that I should go back to my doctor and everything would be normal. I did just that - and like she said - I had my first normal pap in 5 years. It has been almost a year - I've had a follow 6 month pap - Normal. I'm going in for my yearly in a couple of weeks.
I also have had problems with digestion - and take a littany of enzymes, supplements... and found that every meal left me feeling like a rock was in my gut. I am 2 days into my 6 day Dr Lisa regime and so far have experienced a transformation. This is what everyone else feels like after they eat? I have gotten so used to pain that I've forgotten what it feels like not to have any.
I also see Dr Lisa for my son. He is 4. He has food allergy and has had an asthma attack. We will keep you up to date on those results as well. The last couple Oct/Nov seasons have brought on big issues for us that end up with antibiotics. We are on Dr. Lisa's tea and look forward to a healthy fall/winter. 1 thing I will mention is that my son has had soy - after 1 sip, he put his mouth on my pants and then shortly therafter vomitted repeatedly. After last summer drinking Dr Lisa's tea - we were sent to hospital to try soy. Although my son's numbers (RAST) had gone up - he was able to tolerate 8 oz of soy and vomitted after 2 hours. Although it wasn't fun - that is pretty huge to us. I will post as we progress.
We so far have had amazing results - unlike any other doctor/western or alternative - with Dr. Lisa.

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